Today, any company in almost any sector must be actively visible on social networks and, among all, Facebook is king.

You have a Facebook page and you spend several hours a week, or even a day, but are you getting the expected results? Do you think you are taking full advantage of this social network?


Limiting yourself on posting updates with some frequency is not enough; You must create a real and specific strategy for Facebook and measure results.

Why should your company use Facebook?

I know there comes a time when, as the owner of your company, you ask yourself what social network to choose to advertise your business. In that case, this article will help you!


The Manifesto guys have published this infographic that perfectly summarizes the main reasons why a company, of any profile and the commercial sector, should use Facebook as a commercial and marketing channel :

Reasons for companies to use Facebook

How to use Facebook for your company?

As you can see in the graph above, Facebook represents a fantastic marketing tool to deliver your commercial message and make your a company known to new and potential customers, manage communication with customers, etc.


7 keys on how Facebook can really help your company

But these objectives are only achieved if you perform your actions in this social network in an optimal way, based on a detailed strategic plan on Facebook, for example, knowing perfectly when is the best day and time to publish on social networks.


That is why from Xplora we want to give you some keys to get the most out of Facebook for your business.

Collect testimonials and comments

If you create your Facebook page as a company, in the options that the system gives you at the time of creating it, you will have the option of receiving testimonials and opinions that your followers (fans) make about your business.


Although, by Facebook’s internal policy, you cannot directly ask fans to write testimonials about your company, or encourage their use, you can put a message in your business, or on your website, warning that this the possibility exists through from your page on Facebook.

In addition, a very interesting idea is that, as you get testimonials on your Facebook page, you can post the best comments (the most positive) on your website. To do this you just have to click on the date and time of the comment and, subsequently, on the drop-down arrow that you will find in the upper right of that comment and then select the option «Insert publication».


Thanks to this option you can add the best comments on your website to enhance the image and reputation of your business.

Participate with your followers

Your main objective when using Facebook at the company level should be mainly to engage with your audience, composed of very different user profiles, which can be from a loyal customer of several years to a potential the client who has just shown some interest in your company just a few minutes ago, becoming a fan of your Facebook page.


With this in mind at all times, you should create messages and offer content that is of interest to the majority of your audience, in all user profiles.

As a starting point and to achieve this, from GSS Webtech we recommend that you follow the famous 80/20 rule :


the 80% of your posts should be focused solely on interest your audience, without necessarily focused on “sell”, while

The remaining 20% ​​would be dedicated to your business line with clear marketing, promotion or sales intentions.


Or put another way, the vast majority of your messages on Facebook should be focused exclusively to achieve participation by your the audience, encouraging participation and debate through content relevant to your audience and the commercial sector where your company is located.

Only then will you be able to enjoy an active, committed and the loyal audience that will be much more receptive to that 20% of messages that will directly promote your company, products and services.


Boost your business with ads on the news timeline

Facebook allows you to publish advertising ads in both the right column and the central part: the news timeline.


The problem is that to advertise in the central part it is necessary that you have a Facebook page since, without it, you can only appear on the right side, which has less visibility and impact.

Ask your audience for an opinion

Do you want to know what your audience (potential or current customers) think about a product or service? It has never been as easy as now with the Facebook survey system.


Launch a survey on the social network and not only will you encourage your followers to have an active and committed position with your Facebook page, but it will also help you discover very valuable information: what products or services they need.

Use your page to get comments from your Blog

If you are tired of moderating comments from your Blog in search of SPAM, your Facebook page is the solution. In addition to the simplest.


Simply insert a link at the end of each of your Blog articles that point directly to the same article (post) that you will have posted on the wall of your Facebook page.

With this simple step, you will not only be able to download your Blog and protect yourself from SPAM (Facebook will control it for you), but it will also help you build a base of active followers and great participation with your Facebook page.


Also, be sure that people who see a great (pro-active) discussion around a post will click to read that article in your Blog, which represents more visits to your website.

Make opinions on behalf of your company

And speaking of the comments on Blog, there are currently more than 128,000 Web pages and Blogs that use the Facebook comment system we have just commented.


And so if you usually comment on blogs related to your business, that use this Facebook system, we recommend that you do so on behalf of your business, using your Facebook page to leave the comment, instead of your personal profile.

To do this you just click on the drop-down menu next to the comment button, select your company page and then leave an interesting comment. (To have this option you must be a moderator or administrator of your company page.)


By posting comments on behalf of your company, you will be inviting people who like your comment to show interest in your business and end up accessing the company page, or even become customers.

Fight against negative comments that appear in search engines

If unfortunately, your business is suffering from negative comments, which appear in the results lists of Web search engines when searching for your company name, your Facebook page can be very helpful to combat it.


Facebook is a strong domain very well optimized in SEO for Web positioning, so if you create a page in this social network with the business name of your company, this new page has many possibilities to appear in the first results of the results lists of web search engines.

Use your Facebook page to get positive comments and references about your company. If you succeed, you will be enjoying a source of positive information in favour of your company that will appear in the first results of Web search engines such as Google.


As you can see, these are just some of the ways that Facebook can help your business. And you can do whatever the type of company or the commercial sector in which you are.

Therefore, if you do not have a Facebook page, you should create it today. And if you have it, you should develop an action plan as it ensures that the time you spend brings tangible results. Whatever your case, at Xplora we are at your disposal to help you!

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